Uttarakhandi Pahadi culture is an amalgamation of several other cultures from the northern states of India, and there are many things about it that are unique, interesting, and unknown to many outsiders. Here are 8 facts about Uttarakhandi pahadi culture that you probably didn't know but that will make you look like a Uttarakhandi local in no time!


1) Most Houses in Uttarakhand are Made of Wood

While most of us know that villages in Garhwal and Kumaon districts are popular for their wooden houses, it is interesting to note that nearly 90% of houses in Uttarakhand are built out of wood. Take for example Almora, which is popularly known as a 'hill station' but close to 60% households have at least one member working as a carpenter. 

2) Mountain People Generally Have a Simple Life

They walk a lot, grow their own food, and make their own daily necessities. This lifestyle keeps them active, strong, and healthy. The following is a list of things that mountain people do differently from others, Like when you go for a climb in the Himalayas, either you take your own tent or share with other members of your group. Your leaders decide which tent will be used for camping by dividing it into areas where each individual gets a specified number of feet to sleep. The leader ensures that no one steps over someone else's area during night time. 

3) The Dhaba Culture is Strong

Dhabas are one of those places that keep you alive. From mouth-watering delicacies to a great glass of beer, you can find it all in dhabas. Whether it’s raining or not, Indians love to sit inside dhabas and enjoy their food. Beer is as important as food to an Indian man because there's no better place than dhabas where they can have these things together with their friends, family and colleagues. 

4) Everyone is Equal in the Mountains

This is one of those no big deal things, but that doesn’t make it any less awesome. The mountains have a way of making you feel special and want to treat others as special too. It also helps you break out of your shell and come out of your comfort zone. We all need that sometimes! 

5) Despite being Conservative, Uttarakhandi Culture is Open-minded

It's true that most of our families are either conservative or prefer living a simple life, but that doesn't stop us from being open-minded. Girls often go out with friends to watch movies and hang around in shopping malls.

6) Festivals

Local festivals are one of the most important parts of Uttarakhand’s culture. Each town, each village has a celebration specific to it, and some towns have more than one festival. Some celebrations last just a few hours, while others go on for days or even weeks. This can be overwhelming to travelers if they do not know what to expect—and sometimes locals are overwhelmed by crowds of tourists showing up at their local temple unannounced! Luckily, though you can not plan your trip around every holiday (which would be very difficult since many holidays vary in date from year to year), there is plenty that is predictable about local festivals throughout Uttarakhand. 

7) Nature Worship Holds an Important Place in this Culture

These people are nature worshippers and bow down before all kinds of animals including cows, buffaloes, snakes, scorpions and pigeons. For instance, they observe Ekadashi (the 11th day of every lunar fortnight) with much aplomb in memory of their ancestors who are believed to have gone on a hunting expedition and consumed liquor on that day. They consider it to be sacred as an act of repentance. 

8) In fact, Nature worship can be found in many forms all over Kumaon, Garhwal and the upper reaches of Uttar Pradesh

The panorama is so beautiful and spectacular that it seems to have been created for meditation. The awesome vistas, surrounded by nature are sure to fill you with a sense of calmness and peace. 


Known for its beautiful mountains, lush greenery and rivers, Uttarakhand is also home to a rich culture that has played an important role in making it what it is today. These facts will help you delve deeper into that culture. So grab your helmet, put on your trekking shoes and explore these ten aspects of life here! 

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