Pahadi weddings are all about spending time with family and friends, sharing delicious food, and dancing all night long. So why should the wedding planning process be any different? Instead of spending hours combing through bridal magazines or creating spreadsheets of your must-have or nice-to-have checklist items, spend some time planning your wedding in ways that will keep everyone involved and entertained throughout the process. Here are some tips for planning a modern Pahadi wedding that won’t break the bank, but will still make your special day unforgettable!



Dholki has been an integral part of weddings in Uttarakhand since time immemorial. Today, it is mostly played in different phases of life like childbirth, marriage ceremonies, and festivals. In today’s wedding scenario, dholki has got an additional role to play as it helps keep up with current trends and can be used to create fun moments at parties by blending them with western beats. Dholki has always played an important role in Uttarakhandi weddings. It is almost compulsory for every couple to have their first dance on dholki at their wedding reception even if they prefer Bollywood or English songs later on during their wedding celebrations.

Must have Delicious Pahadi Food Menu

Garhwali Pahadi food is well known for its flavors, diversity, and simplicity. Wedding day is perhaps one of those few days when you can include every possible variety of food on your menu to make it a memorable event. Most popular Pahadi dishes are locally produced using locally available produce. To make your wedding memorable, serve authentic delicious Pahadi food like gahat ki churkani, bhat ki daal,  jhangore ki kheer that will leave people wanting more!


Invite Pahadi artists to your wedding function

Music and dance are an essential part of Garhwali Pahadi weddings. Performers usually include local singers and dancers in addition to those who travel from outside your region to participate. Be sure to invite them over to add an extra layer of fun and style to your wedding.

The Bride’s Outfit

The modern pahadi bride can wear a white and red ensemble on her wedding day because red is associated with love, courage, and health and white with peace and purity. A hand-made dupatta and lehengas are often beautifully embroidered or have intricate beading. She can wear something that represents where she is from, or else choose colors she loves to match her personality. You can even design your own outfit if you want; you can try some fusion of traditional and western culture. The most important thing is that you feel beautiful on your special day.


Pahadi dress code for family, friends, and Relative

Make sure that your family has dressed in their traditional attire. Your guests will be more comfortable if they see people from all walks of life dressed traditionally; from bridesmaids wearing dresses and sarees to guests who dress up in sherwanis for men and lehengas for women. If you have invited your friends from different ethnicities or religions to attend your wedding, ensure that they also understand what type of dress is appropriate. Invite them in time so that they can plan out their outfits appropriately.


Serve traditional Pahadi Drinks

If you want to offer your guests an experience that is different from anything they have ever had, you can use traditional Pahadi drinks and dishes. Exotic drinks like buransh ka juice and mouth-watering delicious starters like pakode, and exotic desserts are popular choices among modern pahadi wedding couples.

Serve Arsa, Baal Mithai or Singori in place of Ladoo

Ceremonies without sweets are incomplete. In weddings, no event is fully celebrated until you’ve offered a plate of tasty sweet treats to guests. Arsa, Baal Mithai, and Singori are just some of the sweets that will bring smiles to your guests’ faces. If you want to make your wedding memorable, consider incorporating these delicious Indian desserts into your celebrations!

Set a Pahadi theme for the decor

If you want to make your wedding stand out from all others, it’s worth spending some time on how you’re going to decorate. Think about using bright fabrics and weaves in shades of red and orange, along with modern artwork and adornments. Pahadi weddings are often hosted to epic celebrations; guests will leave talking about how much fun they had long after you say I do. Make sure your wedding has a theme and then run with it.

Wrapping Up

A pahadi wedding is a magical event that should never be compromised by modern tastes. Although there are many ideas and trends that have worked their way into Pahadi weddings, there are also plenty of traditions and customs that still remain intact. And even if you’re planning an extravagant, lavish affair that adheres to all or none of these tips—it doesn’t matter! What matters is your happiness as a couple and planning an event that celebrates both of your cultures in beautiful ways.

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