A Pahadi wedding is an event that has to be experienced to be believed; the breathtaking locations, the beautiful outfits, and of course, the sumptuous food! Although Pahadi weddings are famous throughout Uttarakhand, there are certain aspects that make them unique to each area and community. If you’re wondering what to expect at a Pahadi wedding, here are some of the best highlights of Uttarakhandi weddings you won’t want to miss. These Pahadi wedding customs and traditions have been passed down from generation to generation and show no signs of slowing down any time soon. After all, who will not love amazing celebrations with great food, dance, music, and fun? For those who are wishing to attend an Uttarakhandi wedding function or looking for ideas for your own special day, keep reading for some must-see highlights of these spectacular Pahadi weddings! 

Pahadi Womens Wears Nathuli

Uttarakhand is renowned for its scenic beauty and thriving culture. The region’s beauty has attracted tourists and outsiders alike; over time, its culture has changed to accommodate them. However, some of the most fundamental customs have been carried out by locals, in spite of all odds. One such custom is wearing Nathuli on their wedding day by women from Garhwal and Kumaon regions of Uttarakhand state. The tradition which was once practiced by locals remains alive till date with many brides opting for it during their weddings.

Pahadi Women Wears Pichhora

Pahadi women are famous for their beauty and the way they dress. The traditional dresses of Uttarakhandi women showcase how elegant they can be in whatever they wear. And it is indeed one of those rare sights you will never want to miss out on! Pichhora is a very popular dress for women in Uttarakhandi weddings. Many times during a wedding, brides wear pichhora that matches the attire of their grooms. These traditional attires reflect not only tradition but also the dainty culture which mostly originates from Garhwal. Wearing pichhoras at pahadi weddings has become a trend these days that young girls love to wear at social gatherings and dance events!


Delicious Food At Pahadi Wedding

If a wedding is synonymous with feasting and food, then a Pahadi wedding takes it to another level. A Pahadi wedding is incomplete without some delicious food. Most of you may be unaware that there are amazing dishes that are a must-have in every Uttarakhandi wedding. Bhut ki Churkani, Aloo k gutke, jhangoore ki kheer and chainsoo, gahat ki daal are traditional favorites and will definitely catch your fancy. Go ahead, give them a try!


Pahadi Wedding Mehendi Functions

The Mehendi function is an integral part of an Uttarakhandi wedding. The bride and groom have their hands decorated with a Mehendi design, which lasts two to three weeks and is a real eye-catcher on their wedding day. Not only are these designs pretty, but they also serve as symbols of auspiciousness and are known to bring good luck in marriage. It believes that Mehendi strengthens the relationships between partners and brings positive vibes during wedding ceremonies.

Pahadi Wedding Songs

While North Indian weddings have their own music, Pahadi wedding songs have a more rustic feel and are traditionally sung by village women wearing traditional costumes. These songs often pay tribute to nature, and some of them go as far back as 100 years. They tell stories of love, war, and religion, and each one is set to a different rhythm – be it fast or slow. The bride’s arrival at her in-laws’ house is marked by loud drum beats (Dhol), which go on for about 20 minutes. Music also plays an important role in other rituals such as Holi in spring; ‘gulal’ (red powder) is thrown from rooftops during Holi celebrations.

A Look at Popular Wedding Songs from the Region

Wrapping Up

While Western Wedding tradition has been seeping into Indian weddings, a lot of old customs and rituals have been kept intact. Their rich culture and heritage have made these celebrations more colorful. Weddings in Uttarakhand are full of colors, traditions, rituals, and faith with a dash of Western influence. The beautiful landscape makes these celebrations even more mesmerizing.