If you’re thinking of marrying an Uttarakhandi Pahadi girl, you may have already done your research into all the benefits of having an Uttarakhandi Pahadi bride to marry you. However, if this article is the first time you’ve ever heard of the Pahadi Girl or the Uttarakhandi Girl and why they’re so special, then we encourage you to read on to discover the reasons why marrying a Uttarakhandi Pahadi girl could be such a wise decision.


1) Uttarakhandis are Born Good Cooks

Some people are naturally good at something and it shows. They are born to do it and have no difficulty figuring out how to cook or build, create or destroy. The same holds true for cooking as well; some cultures have women that simply know how to dish up delicious food with minimal effort. And Uttarakhandis are one of them! 

2) They are Independent and Strong

For starters, they love their roots and they never forget where they come from. It’s only because of these strong women that our mountains are still as pristine as they are. Not only do they have financial stability, but they don’t need any man to take care of them either. That being said, you will never find yourself in an argument when it comes to paying for a bill or buying her something she wants. She will happily go half on everything! 

3) They are Open-Minded

The fact that they are so open-minded, makes them much more attractive. Whether you are from a different culture or religion doesn’t matter to them. They do not place such importance on these things, like some women do.

4) They are Free Spirited

The women from Uttarakhand are very adventurous, and love to explore new places. They love to roam around and make life exciting. They will keep you hooked on them for long.

5) They Believe in Spreading Love

Uttarakhandi girls believe in spreading love around, so they’ll never show you anger. They treat their friends and family with love and care, which will rub off on you too. Once she starts loving you, there’s no stopping her!

6) Their Smile Makes You Smile Too

These ladies are just as sweet and caring as they can be. They’re not only hard working but also pleasing to look at. Their fair skin, beautiful curls and lovely eyes make them stand out from other girls in every crowd. It doesn’t matter if you go for a pahadi girl from Dehradun or Nainital; either way you can get their love! Ask anyone who has dated an Uttarakhandi girl, they’ll tell you how much fun it was!

7) Their Beauty Leaves You Spellbound

While it’s hard to choose just one reason why dating a Uttarakhandi girl is better, we think their beauty just might take the cake. Known as Kumaoni dulhan, they are considered to be some of India’s most beautiful women. Their brunette hair and fair skin combine with full lips and bright eyes to form an image that will leave you breathless—and speaking in tongues.


The Pahadis are one of India’s most beautiful, down-to-earth, approachable people. They never forget their roots and they won’t ever abandon you in your hour of need. And did we mention they make great wives? Think about it: if you want to marry a girl who will be there for you and love you unconditionally for all of your life, then go for a pahadi girl. You can register on the top matrimonial site of Uttarakhand, Uttarakhandshadi.com and find out the partner of your dreams.